“The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, and the solution comes to you and you don’t know how or why.” ~ Albert Einstein

The intellect is about mental bricks and mortar. Bits or blocks of data. Information that can be retrieved which has already been learned or become known. The intellect likes patterns and seeks patterns rather than anomalies.

The mind on the other hand is what retrieves and rearranges information and connects with the greater creative consciousness or the mind or centre of creation itself. Here infinite possibilities await the receptive mind. A mind open to be amazed by a new way of seeing information, or to see more subtly into the underlying cohesiveness of all nature. This is not the thinking mind but the imagining mind. How do you access this intuition? By resting, playing, snoozing, or any other way that disengages the logical and lets the lyrical play its tune for you. What’s your zipline to intuition?

Me agapi (with love),



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