“You will not be punished for your anger, you will punished by your anger.” ~ Buddha

We all have buttons and when somebody pushes them it is difficult not to get drawn in and react. But can we really be made angry – or do we give in to it? Learning to pause just for half a beat – or the timeworn but trustworthy, ten count – you will be surprised by something. Like a blaze, anger needs fuel and oxygen to continue to burn. If these are removed, anger is nothing but a cold cinder. And that  cinder is usually something lodged in your psyche by a long forgotten incident that just got reawakened by a fresh encounter.

If there is an issue that needs changing, or a relationship that is off track, anger will never be a constructive solution, but will in fact deepen the gulf and may lead to irreparable damage. Meet anger with your whole being rather than your words. Turn away if you can. Reflect to explore the feelings behind your anger and see what part of you needs attention. When you ignore the deeper message of anger and engage you will always feel the burn.

me agapi,


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