“Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.” ~ Rumi

Whether we recognise it or not, a seed is planted deep in our heart and resonates in every cell of our body. Your care and nurturing of the seed is your calling in this life. This is your vocation; to find what your love and do it to the best of your ability. So many look for purpose outside themselves and are confused when success or prestige or material compensation does not satisfy in they way they are ‘supposed to’.

You probably played at it as a child. You may have gotten kidded out of it or told to be sensible or choose a practical education and career. Or you were told that it’s too hard to succeed at the career of your choice. But passion has a genius and stamina to thrust you through all possible obstacles or challenges. To fulfill yourself and your heart’s desire is to know a good life, well lived. There are no greater or lesser jobs when you bring your heart and love to it. There is no drudgery in this life work but a joyful exchange with Life itself. What is your calling?

me agapi,