Some things are better than sex and some things are worse, but there’s nothing exactly like it. ~ W.C. Fields

It’s here to stay, and based on the 7 billion people in the world many are participating. Interestingly there are not very many good quotes about healthy, intimate, robust sex and sexuality. There are quotes on sexism, sex symbols, feminism, male chauvinism, vampirism, and eroticism. There’s a sliding scale between the Pope, Rodney Dangerfield and the Kardashians.

Sensationalism has overtaken sensuality. The erotic has overtaken the romantic and exploitation has overtaken trust. Or worse, exhaustion, stress, anxiety and disinterest have taken over desire. Have we dropped our intimacy compass and crushed it under the heel of over stimulation? Before the pendulum swings so far that it blackens eyes, the blindfolded ones, maybe we might balance out the outrageous quotes with some finer ideas and sexpectations.

Me agapi,


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