What absolutely totally deeply ignites your passion?

//What absolutely totally deeply ignites your passion?

What absolutely totally deeply ignites your passion?

Shining your light on your own passion path.

For me, whether in business or in writing, it is innovation that ignites my passion; a new way of thinking or doing things. Nothing is really new, but everything has infinite unfolding potential. I was working on a lengthy bio and looked back at the dominant theme for my life personally and professionally and there it was. From writing poetry as a child, creating a web portal for holistic therapists, introducing artist hosted Continuing Ed talks for Interior Designers, to winning the first prize in Greece Innovates for Aristoleo® the patent my company, Artemis Alliance Inc. holds, it is expressing life with inspiration and seeing greater potential in a shift of perspective.

It became more apparent to me that we each have our passions when I was ruminating on my friend’s love for museums. She is here visiting Greece with her son and has expressed her desire to spend long hours in each museum. For me, while I adore the history here and the ancient monuments, I am more excited about what happened in the 100 year miracle era where democracy, literature, art, medicine and so much more leapt beyond the limits of mere evolution into the realm of unprecedented innovation not seen before or since.

I am a futurist, I guess, and have been called a visionary more than a few times. I accept that label. I envision a world that is so alive with potential and beauty and kindness and love and technology and elevated humanity that it is the Eden, which is no myth but a potential reality – Heaven on Earth.

The media foretells of disaster and, daily, regurgitates all that is going wrong – as if it wasn’t manmade but some sort of natural disaster beyond our control. I’m talking about the state of the ozone layer as much as the state of Syrian refugees. The media isn’t lying, so much as propagating untruths by accentuating the negative and eliminating the positive – to paraphrase that wonderful song by Johnny Mercer. We are collectively in the vice grips of powers without consciousness and beyond governability by sheer conglomerate and monopolistic size. If that seems like a far cry from Eden or Heaven on Earth described in the paragraph above, it is not – if we understand the importance of following our own passions.

A small community of Hellenes over a handful of decades changed the entire world on a scale not even technological exponentiality (to coin a word) can equal. There are no Goliaths that a tiny stone of conscious aim cannot take down. If we don’t buy what they are selling – materially and psychologically – then their power will drain like water down a sink. And speaking of water, it only takes a consistent drop to wear away mountains.

So back to my passion for the future and my friend’s passion for history; living by our own lights, lights the way for others. Not only than, but what I discovered looking way back through my life to my junior years writing poetry of horses running along beaches kicking up spray, I have lighted the way to my future self. I haven’t grown up or older or more mature, but rather a more distilled and essential self. I have learned from my mistakes – which are never that. I have meandered into all kinds of interesting areas of life led by my quest for the innovative and inspired by the vision of a beautiful world. These experiences have mirrored me to myself. When I fulfil my greatest potential then I am living consciously toward that bright new world.

Can you change the balance of power all at once all by yourself? Perhaps not these avaricious global monsters, but you can shift the balance of power within your own life. Right now. And that simple shift is from head to heart. Let passion be your vehicle and love be your fuel and soon you will see the results of subtle changes. Life will be less of what you don’t want and more of what you do want. And that reflects out into the world on waves of silent, mindful and certain revolution.

Shine on!

with love,

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