We will know peace within when the voice of authority is love.

//We will know peace within when the voice of authority is love.

We will know peace within when the voice of authority is love.

In expressing our heart’s desires, we draw in the very love of Self that has been our nameless longing, forever. As we fill with self-love we embody self-respect and self-esteem. With these qualities we will never harm another or ourselves. We will grow in confidence, creativity, and reverence for others and the world we live in. We will know peace within because there will be no other voice of authority but Love. That expression might be as an engineer or a dancer, a parent or a bank manager. Desires by nature are nurturing and when we fulfil our desires, we nurture through our acts. A desire fulfilled is never wanting, cannot be criticised or …

From the book Exhilarated Life: Happiness Ever After (Page 54)

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