We all are born with our unique and fabulous mix of talents, competencies and desires. Our potential is boundless and only diminished by the limitations of our own mind, and by our latent abilities, talents and strengths. So many whisperings by teachers, parents, and sadly our religions, form our expectations long before we are of discerning age. As we grow, we grow according to the expectation of others. Sometimes—often—we are unaware of the underlying sabotaging script to our own powerful potential.

That is when Life steps in. List all the qualities of Life you think are desirable. Happiness is top on my list because it means all else is in harmony. I don’t mean manic happiness, as in “I laugh in the face of danger!” but a “default” setting to happiness that ensures that I can ride the waves of joy and sorrow with equal grace. So what are the qualities you desire most to form your life experience? Courage? Creativity? Vitality? Peace? Bliss? Now think on the various circumstances and experiences of your life, and see how each might have offered you an opportunity to achieve a measure of those values…

From the book “Exhilarated Life: Happiness Ever After” (Page 47)

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