To my friends who are female and the men in their lives – lovers, husbands, sons, brothers, fathers: Many of you have asked me to put a heart on my wall ‘without comment’ and to be sure to check my ‘boobies’ as it is breast cancer awareness month or some such call to action. I do not do it. For one thing it is likely a scam to find out more about our habits.

But for me it is so much more than that. And I have to ask, Isn’t every day, breast awareness day? And for that matter isn’t every day of our lives body awareness day?

And another thing that rankles me every time I hear it is the word “boobs” for our beautiful breasts as if they are mistakes – boo boos. I also resent terms like jugs and tits and knockers; they are belittling and so beneath the respect our bodies deserve. We may not all have sculpted breasts like this Greek goddess, but breasts are a part of our female anatomy that makes us female – even if you have sacrificed one or both for health, you were born with the buds of them. Breasts have a purpose – or purposes, both functional if called for and pleasurable if desired.

Breast Cancer is very serious. I have been at the side of many who suffered and some who died. Any illness is serious. It rocks our world. But much illness can be prevented. Not by, once in awhile, cancer fear-based actions, but daily practices and choices, our diet, our thoughts, and our body image. If we love our bodies we care for them. Every day. We revere the miracle we live in. We do not denigrate it with mean names. We do not ignore it and hope it keeps up its miracle of health with no help, and even a bit of abuse, from us. We do not live in fear of breast cancer or other disease and hope it will not happen to us but do nothing to protect our precious breasts or bodies, which holistically benefits from the same respect and care.

I am astonished at the number of media reminders putting forth the underlying tenant, that it is not “if” one gets ill (name the dread disease) but ‘when’. There is great fear mongering which sets up anxiety and fear both of which are toxic to a healthy body and a mind in charge of making the right choices in caring for a healthy body. This is not a rail against mainstream medicine and its many advantages in crisis, but a rail about what might get us there.

Today and every day take care of your whole body – even if you are a guy. It serves you well and is taking you on a long journey of adventure. If you are afraid of illness, ask yourself if the fear comes from the media or from a deeper voice that you might be more mindful of your choices – every day. Don’t expect to become ill and don’t live in fear. Health is our natural state. But the body needs support in nutrition, activity and thought. Take care.

Please do not take your beautiful, miraculous body – or any part of it – for granted. No matter what shape or size or state of health, if you are reading this, you can, in this moment, be aware of all your body undertakes at a cellular level to function so that you are here now and engaged. Take this moment to be in awe of the miracle that is you. Don’t hate it for any reason. Don’t belittle any part of it with demeaning names. Love your body. Please. It’s listening to you right now.

With love,