“People who cannot find time for recreation are obliged sooner or later to find time for illness.” ~ John Wanamaker

The body is a system of systems, fluid and interconnected. Blood flows, breath oxygenates, heart pumps, kidneys purify, stomach digests, bowels pulse. Everything in motion. Nothing ever stops. Night or day. Sleeping, waking. Even standing still we gently rock on our feet continually recalibrating our body relationship with the gravity of the earth. When habits become slothful and the body becomes stagnant, the natural revitalising relationship between systems is impeded. One system impacts the next and before long our bodies are ill prepared for normal function let alone immune defence.

Respecting the body with nourishing foods and plenty of water and fresh air is just the baseline of sustained and vibrant health. Recreation for our bodies increases energy and resets the body’s interdependent systems. Whether walking, swimming, aerobics, yoga or sports, whatever deepens the breath stimulates heart, muscle, organs and the full spectrum of health inducing communication. Regular physical recreation is definitely the best prevention of illness, but much more than that – it ensures that every day is lived with optimum health and joyful vitality. If I told you staying healthy could be both simple and pleasant would you take a walk?  How about  asking a friend to come along?

Me agapi (with love),


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