Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in one’s own sunshine.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Within each one of us, clear bright and radiant is the spark of the divine that is there to be discovered. Imagine the greatest human being on the planet, that is you inside. Pure potential. Uncharted territory, inspired and inspiring. The world is before you in beauty and abundance, a veritable Garden of Eden. So why can’t you see it? Because you don’t realise it is there. It knows it is there but every time it has ventured out someone has slapped it down. Too bright.

The little flame, like a pilot light, stays dimly lit and quietly glowing. Waiting. We don’t want to be shamed again so we keep a very tight lock on the door to our inner brightness. We take up the baton of the ones that shamed us before. We become the shadow, often the reflection of all that we are not. We become critical and judgmental of everything. We may still blame others, but it is we who obstruct our own light. Self-love clears the shadows our own sunshine.

What can you do today to step into your light and fan your own flame?

Me agapi,


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