“To go wrong in one’s own way is better then to go right in someone else’s.” ~ Fyodor Dostoyevsky

If we were to count the number of influences on us from birth of what to be or how to be. How to be ‘good’ or what career we ‘should’ choose, we might be amazed. Some of these are overt like the guidance councillor saying you don’t have an aptitude to follow your passion in science, or your father dictating that you must give up the ridiculous notion of being an artist or actor and get your law degree just like he did and his father before him.

But all too many, and just as disorienting from our central life purpose of self-expression, are the subtle influences. The media – how to be cool, a desired love interest – how to be specifically attractive, a random comment by an unconscious authority – you were too this or that. The only way to be true to yourself and ultimately find sustainable happiness is to be just who you are. No one else has the right or the authority to tell you what is right for you. If you are just who you are – well, you can never be wrong! Didn’t get your own way when you were a kid? No need for a tantrum now – just be you with gusto!

Me agapi (with love),


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