“The improvement of life was only accomplished to the extent to which it was based on a change of consciousness, that is, to the extent to which the law of violence was replaced in men’s consciousness by the law of love.” ~ Leo Tolstoy 

As a physical species, we have not evolved extensively over the past centuries, but in terms of intelligence and consciousness the trajectory has been exponential. We are on the horizon of the utopia projected by religion to be heaven and beyond this world. It may not appear that way, but it is available to us now in this moment if we but choose it.

However, as long as the belief in duality of good and bad, right or wrong prevails, the law of violence will inevitably shape our collective future and our quality of life suffers. We can only change this one person at a time until the collective has chosen the law of love. Love swallows  all duality, forgives all that has gone before, shines evenly on all living things. Like a drop in the lake sending out ripples, our love-based thoughts and actions flow from the centre of our own hearts and ultimately affect the entire world, starting with our own quality of life.

Me agapi,


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