Now and then everyone needs a little help getting over a hurdle or shifting perspective to free the spirit so that we can better hear our own heart’s whisper.

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Marilyn helped me enormously when the time came for my young family to deal with terminal illness. Alongside providing some gentle guidance in terms of sharing hard facts with children, her perspective on living for the here and now will stay with me always. As she said at the time,

“If we appreciate the gift of every day because our days are numbered, we live a little more in touch with what is important and express our love more openly. Because in truth we never really know when any of us is leaving.”

One of your greatest assists for me was when R and I were going through the process or redefining our 33 year relationship and you mentioned…

“that probably the greatest gift you can give anyone, even someone you have been in a long term relationship with, is the freedom to live their own life”.

I mulled over that for a long time but in the end moved into that position and was able to allow him to do just that. Over time that action was in turn seen as an act of love … and while we have a very different relationship from the one we shared when the problem was raised we do now share an even greater commitment to each other as caring individuals each concerned about and for the other

Marilyn and I reconnected seamlessly after many years, to discover we had both lost the love of our lives.

Marilyn’s compassion, support, counselling and love have cradled me as I entered a new chapter of my life. She has shown me how to be open and receptive to all that life has to offer and remained steadfast in her beliefs when I waivered due to fear and over thinking.

Her love of life, beautifully portrayed in her new book, “Exhilerated Life”, is an inspiration for all.

Marilyn has counselled me with kindness, humour, honestly, hope and most of all, LOVE.

Marilyn is a wise, caring, intuitive and knowledgeable guiding light who has helped me stay the course at the most difficult times. I heartily recommend hitching a ride on her wisdom wagon
Marilyn has helped me lift the veil, find clarity, and regain self-confidence by staring guilt in the face and kicking fear in the pants