We can’t ask for or expect peace in the world when we can’t claim it for ourselves.
Today, I pause and create space for the calm that leads to peace.

Peace, like happiness, is an inside job. It’s not about them. It’s about us. You and me and what is going on inside our heads, inside our hearts. It’s too easy to blame, but even the act of blaming is an act of judgment, aggression, superiority. These are not peace inducing emotions. We cannot change the world, or even one other person besides ourself, so let’s start there. Take the time to be still, to find the tranquility beneath all the thoughts that randomly tumble through your mind. Notice that these are not thoughts you created but thoughts that come continually and unbidden. Don’t try to stop them, just let them pass as so many clouds across the sky. Let your mind find the infinite blue of the calm beyond. That is where peace is born and brought into the world.