When I am grateful for small things, like a beautiful day or the song of a bird,
I become a magnet for more and greater experiences for which to be grateful.

When we just pause a moment and observe the beauty that surrounds us, our life changes dramatically. We are usually so bent on getting someplace or doing something that we forget to be grateful. We rarely notice what is right in front of us. The sweet sound of someone we love saying our name, the scent of snow in the air, the way the light changes when spring wishes to be known, the pip of a cardinal on a chill morning. When you witness the little joys of life on earth, you attract more and bigger joys. Your five senses take it all in, just your mind needs to stop and notice. The being part of you needs to call out the thinking part of you and say, “Hush. Be still. See, listen, taste, smell, touch. Be grateful”