Comment on a quote from Exhilarated Life: Happiness Ever After

“To lead an epic life is to slay the dragon of negativity. Once the predator of happiness, self-worth, pleasure and accomplishment is gone and no longer a fearsome force, you will truly enjoy all that is truly meaningful.”

Why do I use words like ‘epic’ and ‘slay’ and ‘dragon’ to describe how to find real meaning in life and true happiness? Life is certainly no fairy tale – or is it? Once a person realizes that they are pure potential within then all we have to do is to let go of all that is not who we truly are. Like Michelangelo saying “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”

We are indeed sculptors of our own perfect self-expression. And the block of marble that hides us within is the illusion of all we think we should be, ought to be or could be. These stories or tales we tell ourselves or allow others to tell us are pure fiction if they do not make us happy and align us with our perfect self-expression.

Next time your hear the hiss of the dragon telling you you should be scared, or aren’t good enough just as you are – a glorious work in progress – turn quickly with your sword of self-love and whittle that lie to the ground and set the angel of yourself free!

Once you are free, life indeed expands to the heights of creativity, happiness and accomplishment. This is the real you, star of your own epic life!

Me agapi (with love) from Aegina Island, Greece


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