“Life finds its purpose and fulfilment in the expansion of happiness.” ~ Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Happiness in this sense is nothing to do with acquisition but in being. And ‘being’ to the fullest of one’s innate potential is to know this kind of sustaining happiness. We all have gifts and propensities. Are you good in math? Do you enjoy a good debate? Are you a natural nurturer? Do you like to take things apart to see how they work? Do you like to find new ways of doing old things? All of these are signs on the road to life purpose and fulfilment. When we take that direction, we are not motivated by discipline but by the happiness of self-fulfilment.

Happiness, then, is in being all that we might be. It is to become the very best version of ourselves in all we do. To expand in happiness is to stretch, reach, and express ourselves fully with authenticity. When we fill ourselves in this way, challenges and setbacks are no longer the obstacles they once were or appear to be for others. You will thrive instead of survive and know happiness as your birth right and your life purpose.

Me agapi,



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