Humanity has been evolving a global consciousness, and with new technologies in social networking, we now have the chance to form a true “global society.” ~ Robert Alan Silverstein.

Consciousness is the formless potentiality for any and all creation. In part it is a mirror for the thoughts and actions that manifest in the physical world we inhabit. It reflects individual thoughts and actions and the clustered beliefs and customs of societies and the rhetoric and policies of nations. But because consciousness reflects rather than initiates, what we see in our world is not caused from the outside, but from within each individual’s heart and mind. Our differences become misunderstandings and our fears become divisive acts.

Only in finding what we have in common and growing from the heart as human beings can we dissolve fear-based boundaries. We have one home and that is this beautiful blue and green planet. We all, seven billion of us, live in this same Internet neighbourhood. Can we achieve global peace? A 2014 study shared that there were more that 7 billion cell phones worldwide. We can speak to each other in real time. We can know each other. Is a peace based global society just a phone call away? I think it is. Do you?

Me agapi,


I think you will find founder of PEOPLE FOR PEACE, Robert Alan Silverstein, fascinating. I know I did.

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