Freedom to be exactly who you are in all your creative abandon and joyful expression—as a dancer, an artist, a salesperson, a parent or a bank manager! If you are just exactly who you are, you can never get it wrong! No one can criticise or judge you because you are being a perfect expression of your whole potential. Sometimes we hang on to relationships, jobs or possessions because we have a misguided notion that to let go is failure. But sometimes those things have fulfilled their purpose in our lives and can be discarded.

The beginning of wisdom and self-actualisation is to get this. It helps you understand the notion that we are to see the divine in all people. Seeing the divine doesn’t mean a rapist isn’t a rapist—really. It means that there is a deeper soul agreement at work that is moving toward consciousness and evolution. If you balk at the example of rapist, just remember that Life as creator is eternal and infinite. There is no death—it only exists on the physical plane. There is nothing …

From the book Exhilarated Life: Happiness Ever After (Page 48)

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