Fall seven times.  Stand up eight.
Japanese Proverb

 Persistance and faith are two keys to an exhilarated life.  Life is a journey between birth and death that offers infinite opportunities to fan the flame of the divine spark that is our unique light in this world.

It’s the journey – not the destination.

Remembering that it is the journey and not the destination that holds daily riches of experience will help us apply the wisdom of this proverb. When we encounter challenges, we grow in strength, faith and patience.  We do not grow strong without using our muscles and we do not grow wise without time and experience.  Patience with ourselves and with the unfolding of the soul of others allows us to see this passage between birth and death as a gift of infinite loveliness.

Faith comes from trusting the unfolding of our own potential through the use of our gifts.  If we fall we don’t fail but deepen our character and strengthen our faith.  When we keep faith with our deepest heart and its expression, we will experience life unfolding in confidence, happiness and independence.