“At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents.” ~ Jane D. Hull

We live in a demanding, stressful, ever-changing world and so do our children. With technology altering the way we communicate and the reach of our communication, we may not realise the additional pressures that face our children or will confront them in the coming world of their future. We are their nurturers and, as importantly, their buffers. The most effective cushion we, as parents, offer is our loving attention and presence.

There is no substitute for our time and attention. And if we enfold our children within this from birth, the confidence and self-assurance it fosters will continue to protect them when they gain in independence and face more varied influencers in school, extra-curricular and social circles; situations beyond your presence and direct attention. They will have developed the self-respect that supports self-evolving decisions rather than self-effacing choices. Rather than give your children everything, give them what the need most deeply. Be there fully when you are with them. This world draws us away all too often, and in no time at all they will grow up.

Me agapi,



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