“All intellectual improvement arises from leisure.” ~ Samuel Johnson

Leisure, recreation and play time are occasions when we just let our mind unhook from its customary replay, interplay or foreplay of the busyness of life. Most waking hours are filled with tasks and demands that have us running and analysing situations on the fly. We think if we are busy we accomplish much, when the very opposite is true. We may get things done, or we may stress ourselves and add to our problems but you can be sure that you will accomplish little of real and lasting merit.

We grow when we align with our true nature and to the higher intelligence that runs the tides, the seasons and the galaxies. We can tap into that vast resource of creative problem solving and accelerated learning. We can assimilate information and knowledge and arrive at applied wisdom. But this resource cannot be chased or chained to schedule and structure. It is by letting go, letting the mind drift while the body and soul engage in pleasant activity that the bird of inspiration comes to rest in your hand.  

me agapi,