Once limiting emotions and beliefs are released, life events and circumstances almost immediately shift
to a more fulfilling, constructive and effortless synchronicity.
Each time you shed another layer, you’ll see the result reflected in life experience.
(Page 44)

We are gloriously intricate beings and enjoy many layers of complexity which is expressed in our life experience. Living each day with the desire to achieve our fullest self-expression in love, relationships, work and creativity (not mutually exclusive) we do so with the willingness to shed all that we are not. Over time without realising it we have donned one role over another until we are defined by our roles rather than our essence. We end up decades into life wondering who the heck are we anyway? We are easily tipped off balance by life events or the judgment of others and we are easily influenced by trends or the desire for material acquisition. We wonder when we got lost. Where our dreams went. Is there any chance to be loved for just who we are?

“Enlightenment” in my lexicon means ‘lightening up’, shedding the layers, dropping the roles, rewriting the scripts of daily rote into joyful stories of adventure to the centre of our soul! It takes time and it takes patience and it takes dedication to find the ways in to unlock what has been hidden under so much weight. Each time we dip beneath our filters and tap into our creative core, we get in touch with our authenticity and this shines through in our life experience. When we do, some people and circumstances on the outside, and some self-labelling on the inside drop away. Without these weights drawing our attention and energy, we find we respond to life differently and life definitely responds differently to us. Synchronicity – that wonderful confluence of people and circumstances – shows up and each day takes on a brand new meaning and momentum!

Me agapi (with love),



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