“Nothing is more conducive to peace of mind than not having any opinion at all.” ~ Georg C. Lichtenberg

Imagine, to borrow the word in the fullest invitation of John Lennon, that you had no opinion about anything. That you judged nothing. That when circumstances or people come in front of you you would look with fresh and innocent eyes. Innocent, not as in pure, but innocent as in uninformed. Unprejudiced. Can you look now in this moment at what you see and assess it as it unfolds before you. Can you suspend your opinion?

Language has done us the disservice of simplifying life by giving everything a symbol. A name. A word. But the word does not convey the world that formed the circumstance or being before you. What do you know beyond this man and that man only that they are men? Opinion sets us up in a we vs them attitude that immediately insights judgment and valuation. Good/bad, better/worse, richer/poorer, smarter/dumber. Peace of mind, like happiness is not achieved but allowed. Allow yourself to be present to whatever is before you without opinion and peace will flood you instantly.