“Buildings designed with careful attention to aesthetics arouse and enlighten their occupants and that promotes their good health.”  ~ Robert Evans

When we embrace holism as a culture we will quickly come to realise that every aspect of our surroundings and interaction with people, plants, animals and elements plays a role in our sense of wellbeing and our very health. Purpose designed buildings which take into consideration the heightened productivity of happy workers, homes that cater to the changing needs of families, institutions of care and learning that variously inspire or calm. Design and its elements become confluent with the activities within and raise or lower our health enhancing human experience commensurate with the level of consciousness in the design.

Aesthetics engage us and are felt and known through our five senses. Colour, plants, textures, textiles, shapes, flow of space and sound affect our experience physically, emotionally and spiritually. Conscious design promotes a heightened quality of holistic experience which undeniably promotes health and wellbeing. Engaging in simple aesthetics within our own space will instantly reflect in our sense of wellbeing.

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