“In every real man (or woman) as child is hidden that wants to play.” ~ Frederich Nietzsche

Yes, your inner child wants to play. But we have been conditioned to believe that to be mature is to give up play and childlike ways. Ironically, many have not matured but have supressed an angry child and live by day as a copy of a copy. They model what they consider as mature in dress, language and deportment only to fall into behaviours that are childish. Relationships are based on childish expectations and demands. Conflict is resolved often in ‘grown up’ versions of tantrums, shouting, blaming and ‘getting even’.

The real child within is innocent, full of wonder, unconditionally loving, exhilarated by the colour of bugs and delighted by clouds bouncing across the sky. This child is protected and allowed to play by the being who has truly matured in their own self-fulfilment. The real man or woman makes time for the child within so that this innocence and delight infuses every part of their life with wonder and exhilaration.

Me agapi,


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