When I am tired or my blood sugar is low because I am hungry for nourishing foods,
problems can loom larger.
I simply choose to care for myself with the rest and nourishment I require for vitality.


We wilt just like plants when we are desperate for nourishment. The thing is low blood sugar, not the serious type, but that caused from not eating or not eating the proper foods can cause all kinds of physical as well as emotional responses. Everything from lethargy, shakiness, inability to make decisions, irritability, depression or rage. Rush hour would probably be a peace train if everyone just had a protein snack before getting behind the wheel. Next time, ask yourself, are you depressed or just hungry? Before you state judging your state of health or mind, look at your eating habits and see if a small adjustment might put you on a better, happier footing. Proteins instead of carbs, watch the sugar, cigs, and alcohol and see if you feel a change. Cravings for stimulants at certain times of day can be a clue. The brilliance of the body is that it responds just like that wilted flower when it gets a drink of water.

with love – me agapi