“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do” ~ Rumi

Too often we separate what we do for a living from what gives us pleasure, gratification, and what we love to do. We take a job to fulfil our needs or the expectations of others and then do what we love as a hobby – if we have time. But what if we could do what we love and make money too? Or, on the other hand can we bring love to what we do?  Can we change this notion: work by definition has to be hard and a ‘labour of love’ is something we do for no compensation?

If we were encouraged as a culture to do what we love, we would train in a profession that allowed us to explore and expand what we can do with love and to create beauty. This is not as obvious a solution as  it seems. The world we live in does not reward creative acts, but is tilting towards a materialism that is eminently unsatisfying and pays work that takes us farther from our most basic human needs. If you knew the value of your unique contribution, and brought that to your self-expression, you would use the same discipline as to a business and you could make a living doing what you love.

me agapi,


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