“Our own faculties, our imagination, our memory, the ability to do things with our mind and our hands–they need to be exercised. If we become too passive, we get dissatisfied”. ~ Maria von Trapp

Technology has engaged our minds in trap of perceived importance of the mind over the body. Instead of freeing us from work to have more leisure, our technology has become an appendage that is ever distracting us from looking up and around at our surroundings. Our activity is predominantly in our fingertips and eyeballs.

But our natural life and the wholeness of our being as the confluence of body, mind and spirit requires a harmony and balance of attention and allowance of life energies to flow through us. This connection to all of life is a requirement of a human being that, if ignored, results in the stresses and illness we see so prevalent. Take time to soften the focused vision of your eyes to see more clearly. Take in a greater peripheral perspective. Allow your mind to float freely, engage all your senses of perception and invite your body to follow this in relaxed motion.

Me agapi,


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