“For breath is life, and if you breathe well you will live long on earth.” ~Sanskrit Proverb

Breath is so much more than just taking in oxygen. It is functional and it is mystical in that from our first breath to our last is one single breath, inhaling and exhaling, ebbing and flowing with the breath of all life for all time. Our breath connects us with the outer physical world and as we exhale, plants and trees inhale and our breath is cleansed and cycled and brushes our cheek and the whiskers of a lion in Africa with equal tenderness of the breeze. We inhale and exhale in the endless and sustaining breath of Earth, herself. Breath is life.

In our inner world, breath flows in and out of the lungs which cradle the heart. Blood oxygenated swirls in a vortex of momentum to the farthest reaches of our inner frontiers and breathes into each living cell. Our cells are nourished and at ease.  Our heart is calm. When we breathe deeply and consciously, our mind is tranquil and our muscles relax. We are peace and wellbeing on a cellular level. What is your new mantra? Breathe deeply. Live long!

Me agapi, (with love)


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