“Confidence in others’ honesty is no light testimony of one’s own integrity.” ~ Michel de Montaigne

Cheating at solitaire is never a completely satisfying experience, even if you lie about it. In our culture a lie seems to only be an untruth if you get caught at it. And even then, we, as a culture, have so skewed our moral compass that the innocent suffer the consequences while those guilty of subterfuge are free to lie again with impunity. If we lie we expect others to lie and actions become a spiral of ‘putting one over’.

What we know within ourselves is our touchstone to the sacred and divine expression of who we are. We are most satisfied, fulfilled and happiest when we are in alignment with all that we might be – not all that we are not. There is no fooling ourselves at the deepest level though many of us try to. If we choose to honour our own essence and stay true to ourselves even when it is quite customary and encouraged to lie, we by nature have confidence in the honesty of others. Life fulfilled is one of integrity. And that integrity is to our Higher Self. If we lose that we are lost to ourselves.

Me agapi,



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