“A man’s true state of power and riches is to be in himself.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher

In this world of media generated trends of what is and is not acceptable or admirable or achievable, being oneself is a difficult accomplishment. And if you are concerned with fitting in or being part of the crowd, then the chance to be exactly who you are is only a dream. We give over our personal power when we give someone the authority over who we are and how we express ourselves. Confident self-expression is the very source of personal power and riches of self-esteem.

We may attain status and even wealth in complying with social ‘norms’ but we will remain impoverished in spirit. In times of solitude or in the midst of a gala gathering, something will be calling us to pay attention. There will be an underlying disquiet a sense of betrayal or emptiness. It will be our whole Self in its fullest potential asking our partial self to be true and loving. Are you running a deficit? How can you deposit into your personal power account right now?

Me agapi (with love),


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