Recreation is not a secondary concern for a democracy. It is a primary concern, for the kind of recreation a people make for themselves determines the kind of people they become and the kind of society they build. ~ Harry Allen Overstreet

In ancient times, the sign of true wealth was the ability to enjoy leisure. Not to be slothful, but to have the time and space to re-create. To relax, enjoy nature, communion with friends, unstructured time with family. It is a time to read, to ponder, to enjoy creative pursuits, unhurried by clocks, free to let inspiration rise up and spill onto canvas or page or be strummed or hummed. To be sure, in our society we take recreation for granted and in so doing often do not value it as we should.

A society that understands that life is best lived in the balance of labour and leisure is one that moves forward and is refreshed and inspired in the natural rhythms of nature. A time to plant and a time to enjoy the fruits of the harvest. We squander the fortune we have in our present culture if we think leisure is a reward rather than an necessity. Placing recreation as primary in life is to working to live rather than living to work. Are you putting in too many hours waiting for permission to relax? Permission granted! At ease. Now go play!

Me agapi (with love),

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