“What we do during our working hours determines what we have; what we do in our leisure hours determines what we are.” ~ George Eastman

We live in a commercial world in that we exchange goods and services for money or in barter with other goods and services. This is the way our world works, and we have a job, career or vocation that serves to provide for our living needs. Not everyone gets to work at what they love to do in exchange for the necessities of life of food and shelter. And depending on the lifestyle we desire we exchange greater time, labour, expertise or knowledge for a greater return. This is our necessary but busy life.

Leisure on the other hand is to do what we love, what gives us pleasure and to do it with those we love to be with. We may volunteer in our leisure time, read a book, take a walk, learn to paint, spend time with friends, or just play with our children. This is heart based activity and in so being defines who we truly are at the centre of our human beingness.  The all work no play model is a recipe for physical and emotional disequilibrium. As we move more into heart centred activity and feel the return of love for love, these just might migrate into our work activities, to either bring more of ourself into our career or to change our career entirely to one that reflects a true harmony in work and play. Want to bring more zest into your work day? Play a little harder!

Me agapi (with love),


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