From the chapter, Surrendering to What Is, Page 153


We live in a physical universe with underlying laws or forces that manage the fulfillment of every speck of dust and galaxy. When conditions of dander, dirt, and breeze align, there will be dust under the bed. When conditions of stress, virus, and a sneeze collide, a cold is imminent. When conditions are right an egg will be fertilized, a cyclone will form, someone will become wealthy…or lose everything.

Birth, death, winter, summer, gain or loss are points on a timeless cycle of evolution. How we experience these points is of our choosing. That we will experience them is not.

If we were to put our shoulder to a steamroller and push back, we will suffer a sore shoulder. Pushing against a steamroller is bad for our health and seriously impedes our capacity for happy pursuits. Yet we do it all the time! We push against the unfolding events of our lives—personal and universal—and think our push alone will alter the outcome when all conditions are aligned for something other than our intention. We know we are pushing when we act in fear or anger. This is the ego acting out.

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